Valery Lobachev

Experienced SAP FI/CO expert business expert IT solution architect


  • April 2016 - December 2016

    Development of integration platform Annette

    Architect, OXY Consult LLC

    Development of architecture of integration platform Annette and management of developer team

    Platform Annette is intended to collect data from manufacturing equipment and IoT devices and post it to SAP HANA & SAP ERP (posting material movements, statistical key figures, confirmation of production orders, PM-orders etc.)

  • May 2015 – February 2016

    British American Tobacco

    Senior consultant CO (freelance, IBM South Africa contractor)

    Rollout of BAT global solution for workstream SCF (Supply Chain Finance) ^ MAR (Management Accounting Reporting) in Africa:

    • Deployment Group 4, Wave 1 (Go Live on May 2015): Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe
    • Deployment Group 4, Wave 2 (Go Live on July 2015): Cameroon, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria
    • Deployment Group 5, Wave 2 (Go Live on January 2016): Botswana, South Africa, Swaziland

  • October 2014 – February 2015

    British American Tobacco

    Senior consultant CO (freelance, IBM EEMEA Global Business Services contractor)

    Rollout of global solution in areas CCA (Caucasus and Central Asia: Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan – primary responsibility), RU (Russia) and UMB (Ukraine, Moldova)

  • April 2014 – October 2014

    Mareven Food Central (FMCG)

    Senior consultant FI/CO (freelance)

    CO/FI-AA implementation for Plant Maintenance

  • July 2013 – September 2014


    Senior consultant FI/CO (freelance)

    Rollout Russian solution to Belorussian and Kazakhstan branches

  • Март 2012 – Март 2013

    Belwest (shoes productions)

    Architect, Head of FI/CO group, senior consultant CO (freelance)

    SAP ERP implementation

  • July 2011 – March 2012

    Gazprom energoholding (energy and utilities)

    Senior consultant SAP CO (freelance)

    SAP ERP implementation

  • June 2011

    Efes (brewery)

    Senior consultant SAP CO/MM (freelance)

    Development CO-MM solution for subcontract material processing

  • June 2011

    Mareven Food Central (FMCG)

    Senior consultant FI/CO (freelance)

    FI/CO blueprint audit

  • February 2011 – April 2011

    Gazprom neft shelf

    Management accounting consultant

    Development of managerial accounting principles of oil, gas and gas condensate production of Prirazlomnoye oil field using Prirazlomnaya sea ice-resistant stationary platform

  • January 2011 – May 2011

    Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat (oil and gas refining company)

    Senior consultant CO (freelance)

    Development CO blueprint for SAP ERP implementation

  • November 2007 – November 2010

    Mareven Food Central (FMCG)

    Head of FI/CO group, senior consultant SAP CO (freelance)

    SAP ERP implementation

  • November 2007 – May 2008

    Mareven Food Central (FMCG)

    Management Accounting consultant

    Development managerial accounting blueprint

  • Апрель 2006 – Ноябрь 2007

    Ural Steel (metallurgy)

    Consultant CO

    SAP ERP implementation

  • September 2005 – October 2005

    Tommy Hilfiger (Russia)

    Managerial accounting consultant (freelance)

    Development ABC/M concept (Activity-Based Costing/Management)